BioShock Remastered Graphics Comparison

Check out the difference between the original BioShock and the remastered version featured here on PS4.

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  1. If anyone knows the song I will be eternally grateful. I think it's a variation of the jazz standard Beyond the Sea, which was featured in Bioshock, but I'm not sure.

  2. I don't see too much difference. Was the original that good that there wasn't much to improve on, or did they not improve it much?

  3. Most of the original looks better. The only thing I can say that looks better is the lighting coming in through the windows and smoothing out some of the textures like with the hands. I really don't like how they make some areas look cleaner and brighter in the remaster, the blood textures are god awful compared to the original, the lack of reflectiveness on surfaces.

  4. Overall, the remastered is the definitive way of playing this game. Higher res textures, better lightning, minor details and so on. But there are some surfaces for example, which were better made in the original. It's a bit mixed. Not everything is done better, but if i would say that the original is better in everything, then i would lie. There are some quite nice improvements, but there are some downgrades too. It's hard to decide by watchin these kind of videos. This is a decent one, but there are videos that only about renting a game and showing how bad it looks in different situations. For example the overall number of "wet" surface reflections are decreased, but for example the surface in 2:05 have a quite nice effect. But this scene 2:52 is far better done in the original. Every texture looks better in this angle. If you look directly to the floor, then the texture is looks a lot better from upclose in the remastered. Same with the guns and the little details, like more sea animal appears then it was in the original. So as you can see, it's really hard to match these too. I'm still think i'm gonna give it to the remastered, because of the 21:9 support for example, or because you can play it on new consoles, but in terms of graphics… It's not worse, not worse at all, but really mixed.

  5. Always the same fate these Remastered editions share. The original ones ooze a sense of rawness and authenticity, whereas the team behind remasters are not treating the process as a labor of love any longer.

  6. While some graphical updates have been added this is a pretty low effort remaster. Somethings even look worse like the water which they should have just left alone.

  7. It is a small inmprovement and the remaster is a better pc release so i prefer it over the original. Not that much of a difference, tough

  8. Original wins. Better water leakage, better lighting. And didn’t crash on me once. I play the new on my S|X and it’s crashed 3 times. Trying to platinum the thing.

  9. Is it just me, or are there something wrong with the atmosphere in the remasterered version? It looks off somehow. Plus the water effects looks worse.

  10. So, either somebody's been ripped off buying a broken PS4, or else the "remaster" has done basically nothing… But that's OK, I liked it as it was anyway. The fact you can even split the screen and sync up versions from 2 different formats shows they've apparently done nothing. Or else, the stuff they've done is invisible to the human eye.

    So, no real, visible changes. I dunno how I'd feel about that. I bought Bioshock on disc way back when, and then Bioshock 2. I've lost the disc ages ago and the bundle was cheap on Steam so I bought Bioshock 1 + 2 plus all the goodies, World Of Hurt and the Ferris Wheel, etc. And also, the remasters. So the bundle had 4 games, Bioshock 1 + 2, and then the same games but "remastered". Remastered takes up more disk space and CPU, more graphics card. But having played all 4 of them through, I can't find a single difference for this "remaster". Any idea what the main benefits are supposed to be?

  11. it's strange, but I feel like the water looked better in the original and since water is all around this game it makes a huge difference.

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