The History of Mass Effect

We still don’t know much about Mass Effect Andromeda, but what we do know has us excited. Jake looks back on the franchise to see what made it so special and how it redefined storytelling.

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  1. I cared little about the endings of mass effect 3, to me the ending didn't matter, it was the entire experience, the journey, the decisions made along the way, the characters, and unifying the entire galaxy in mass effect 3 was the most rewarding outcome the series could have given me, i doubt anybody could have made any ending sequence/cutscene that would have made the entire trilogy and the experience any justice, the final battle was epic though it wasn't as cool as the suicide mission of ME2, at least to me, by the time the actual final moments came, i had achieved what i had set out to do, i told the council to go fuck themselves and did their job better than they ever could. Too bad andromeda wasn't the kind of sequel we all would have wanted, but maybe it's for the best, i'd rather have bioware leave the series as it is, and not fuck it up with more sequels. Also EA was to blame for most of the shit that happened to ME3 (and Andromeda) like the fucking day 1 from ashes on-disc dlc that locked away some of the most awesome things in the entire series behind a paywall, i'm glad that Bioware had little to no copy protection on the pc when it comes to dlc's so you could actually use pirated dlc with an original copy of the game.

  2. I remember during my fourth (?) gameplay Tali committed suicide. When Shepard jumped for her, I thought I'd push my forward key on the other side of the keyboard. For an hour I had to turn off the game and had to process what I saw.

  3. Me 1: best story, galaxy building, the one that felt the most RPGish
    Me 2: funnest gameplay, best characters tied into the story, pacing, decisions really matter for the end
    Me 3: best gameplay, graphics, the most balanced overall

    Personally, Mass Effect 2 is my favourite game of all time.

  4. We need a mass effect Trilogy remaster, not only a graphical upscale. (which it really don't need, its beautiful as is.) But, a redone ending for me3 that actually uses your choices.

  5. i finished playing the mass effect trilogy and i'm glad i got to play all the games and continue with imported shepard's i customized as well as the actions i committed in the games before all in all these are great games now i need "calibrations" lol

  6. The death threats and not appreciating the hard work, time and money BioWare puts into their games just shows how immature the two newest generations are. But it's not entirely their fault, my generation spoiled and pampered the Millennials who in turn did the same with their children. But at some people need to grow up and appreciate life.

  7. 2021…Andromeda bombed. ME Legendary brought me here. Just replayed the OT over again (first ti,e in about 5 years) and cant wait to see how Legendary tweeks them. (note…never touched Andromeda. The reviews were enough to keep me away.)

  8. The Hindsight of Andromeda is awful here. I really wanted to like Andromeda. But it really did play like a half baked game. You can see the patchwork development when you play it.

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