Rise of the Tomb Raider – 20 Year Celebration Announcement Trailer

Check out what’s in store for the PS4 release of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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  1. we all love Tomb Raider, that was undeniable untill they made us wait not a month.. or a few months.. but a whole freaking year.. that felt like a kick to the throat. and yeah i love Lara Croft but why support a franchise who can care less about their fans. it feels like a chance to kick them in the throat and just keep playing Uncharte 4 untill the game drops to $15

  2. square enix realize they fucked up so their trying to clean up their mess with this 20th anniversary edition I must admit that's a lot of content for 60bucks am I the only one that would like to see Nathan Drake and Laura Croft on the same game how bad ass would that be!!

  3. Anyone who buys this game at full price are the problem in this gaming industry. Its 1 year old dead on xbox one and pc. Sold terribly on them and now its dead. So best way to make it 60 shovel in dlc and useless crap and say its a definitive edition and hope it sells well on ps4.

  4. I'm pretty much only getting a ps4 for this game, it was awesome, though I didn't care much for the Baba Yaga DLC, I did however enjoy everything else, and I'm excited to explore Croft Manor yet again.

  5. Well that told pretty much nothing but:

    New "Blood Ties" Single Player Story, New "Blood Ties" Nightmare (Zombie mode)´, 5 classic Lara Croft skins and a reimagined outfit, "Extreme Survivor" difficulty setting, New Endurance Mode (Co-Op mode)Includes all previously released DLC
    But does the season pass include the addition or not… blood ties + zombie mode, 5 skins and I guess that endurance mode was for 1 player and that co-op is just now coming.

  6. One question though, we still gonna get a chance to play tomb raider, and rise of tomb raider, or rather part 1 and 2 as well. Is this like collection, like uncharted collection? Someone do tell, or is it just a bonus game getting a chance to play some extra new stories and alot dlc

  7. 10 euro to play the same game with lara from 20 years ago. Lol you need to fire those suits guys, Like now !!
    Redesign those old outfits in todays standards and then you cn have my 10 euro. Till then you will get my finger.

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