I Am Setsuna – Review

Peter Brown reviews I Am Setsuna, an unapologetic homage to beloved Japanese RPGs.

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  1. 20 hours? That's disappointing. Game looks great, I really want to play it. I will definitely play it at some point. I've got a pretty strict game budget though and I think I want to spend it somewhere I am going to get more hours out of.

    How is the replay factor?

  2. I enjoy this game, but it's also a painful reminder that classic JRPGs can no longer be AAA. FF4 – 9, Suikoden 2, and Chrono TriggerCross were made by their company's A team with the highest budgets and longest development times. While this and Bravely Default are fun in their own right, they lack the character development, side quests, plot twists, and all around depth of the 90s classics.

  3. Looks like a good JRPG. Might have to check it out. But honestly, the 3DS has so many great JRPGs and I feel like this game has a few too many shortcomings…

  4. Hey reviewer. When reviewing an RPG, don't mention the story or character's motivations. It's enough to explain the design choices, art style etc and how they contribute or detract from the experience. Can you understand why?

  5. I want this game but at 20 hours I can't justify the $50 price tag. I hope it will go on sale, then I will definitely pick it up/download it.

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