Furi – Launch Trailer

Furi is now available on PlayStation 4 and on Steam PC.

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  1. in my country furi means steal and i think like this:hey do you play that game furi? O yeah i play it every day but the police caught me a lot of times! But in this game it isn't police (i think).What game ? i Say about the real life xD

  2. Playing it the first time you will be frustrated and say it's hard. Reaching the ending you will know what to do with your new found knowledge in each fight.

  3. This game is freaking epic! It is so much fun, and really difficult. After every boss, the long walk to the next one is like a sigh of relief, that a jailer stands fallen behind you, and you're on your way to freedom. I haven't finished the game myself, but I've heard there are multiple endings. It's just such a great game, and a real challenge.

  4. This is my favorite game of 2016, well put above everything else personally. I don't get wowed anymore with games, but this one nailed it.

  5. they shouldve just used time to wake up instead of where we fight for because time to wake up is just so much more of a banger than what is heard in this trailer

  6. Legitimately one of the best and most unique games I've ever played.

    I literally only picked it up because I heard one track from the score and it was so good I had to play the game. Best blind purchase ever.

  7. Many people have been crying about the difficulty but it isn’t that hard. It isn’t brain dead easy but it is no where as hard as people are saying it is.

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