Xbox One Slim Unboxing and Briefing – E3 2016 Stage Show

On our GameSpot Stage at E3 2016, Aaron Greenberg, GM of the Xbox Games Marketing team, opens up a brand-new Xbox One Slim, and tells us more info on the Xbox One Slim.

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  1. If this start at 299 then how much is scorpio going to start off with 399? the only way scorpio wont cannibalize it previous iteration is for it to cost more so people with a bigger budget can get scorpio and people that are more conservative can get the older models.

  2. Why do they charge for online gaming? That should be free as part the purchase of the game. If they want to new customers then stop charging for online play like the pc.  Ps3 was and know greed has set in on the ps4.

  3. Instead of making it smaller make sure that you can move your xbox one without any risk of having the disk fall out the tray to mess up and break. We're in 2016 an we can't freely turn our game vertical or horizontal . I know we have downloaded the game to the system, but it wont make up for the console damage that could happen.

  4. Yea I need this, I've been desperate for a new Xbox for like a long time because my old Xbox one from 2014 is starting to break down

  5. hi i watch your video and i was wondering if i could get a dameged xbox one or any xbox because i never played a xbox or any, so if you can thanks.

  6. Still have 360 this is a tough decision for me
    should I upgrade to Xbox One S or Xbox one Scorpio. Scorpio I know does give you the The ultimate 4K experience! Can't wait for it to come out next year😉😉👌❤️

  7. Wait so the "power brick" is inside the console. But that will just make your console hotter. I mean will you be able to cook and egg if you play for hours. Just a concern. Thanks

  8. Let's jump to October 19, 2017 we now know the answers about project scorpio. Now called x box one x. Price $ 499.99  Release date November 7th 2017. Now 3 weeks away.

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