World in Crisis – Street Fighter V Story Mode Cinematic

In Street Fighter V story mode see Ryu receiving a prophetic glimpse of a mysterious ancient being tipping the world into crisis. Catch 4 mins of footage here!

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  1. Dhalsim like a boss taking Evil Ryu's punch. Still half assed game though because we don't have the download patch for Ibuki and the story mode

  2. Watched this about 10 times, and it still feels like I'm viewing a "Street Fighter" Story Mode aimed mostly for 5 year-old kids instead of the teen and adult veterans playing the game.

    Ono really knows how to contribute his awful "Childish Tastes" into the franchise and make it into a project full of Mediocrity. "Look! It's a Robot Man (Gonna get ya!) playing tag with the Red Ninja (No, gonna get ya first!) in the Shadaloo L.O.T.F.K. Stage!", "Oh look! It's Birdie loudly stuffing himself next to a quiet Ibuki at the table. Isn't that CUTE!!!" 😛

  3. Believe me I am a hard core street fighter and street fighter 3 second impact is and always be the best we need a remastered. I really wish Ono make a true next gen sf and not a upgrade street fighter 4.5. Mortal kombat is making street fighter look like a children game look at these stupid cinematics?

  4. Really slick animation on that space sequence, not really sure if I've seen that kind of thing in a Capcom fighter before, looks a lot different than the ones used in MvC2.

  5. Things wrong with this video.
    1.) Ryu still can't control his shit and looks like he came out of tekken 2 game.

    2.) (Dude with extra long sleeves) Pats Osama bin landen two to three times then says " dang he only has one."

    3.) That better not be Sean.

  6. wait now i like how it's a cutscene and not like the rival cutscenes in sf4…. i also love how the cutscene involves more than 2 characters instead of the 1 v 1 kind go street fighter !!

  7. Great, more Dark Haduo bull crap story. Can we please move pass this?? :/ Capcom makes it sound like the world ended after 3rd Strike. SFVI better not be another prequel to III.

  8. Tekken is improving the Story mode, I didn´t see that on SFV Story mode, Im really saaad about SFV Story mode because I didn´t see any improved on SFV Story mode I was wating for something special on its First Story mode. it´s a video game movie not a Tv movie it must be something special like tekken 7 does

  9. Umm, duh. I am talking about when the game was released, there was no cinematic story mode. Meaning if they are working on a game finish it and bring it out right.

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