We Happy Few – Official E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer

Developed by Compulsion Games, “We Happy Few” is coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One this summer.

Watch Microsoft’s full press conference:

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  1. There should be special enemies akin to Payday 2 with their own personalities.
    "Your sad!? So i'm back!"
    "This is what we call, a euphoric fix!"
    "Here's your Joy!"
    "You wear that frown like a badge of sadness?! Let me fix you!"
    "Your up against jollity and i'm the elation you need!"
    "Taser! Set from 'Upset' to 'Joyous'"
    "Here's your daily dose of happiness!"
    [After killing player]
    'He's finally happy!"
    Look! Lucky Charms are springing out of him"

  2. (Looks at joy)
    (looks at game)
    (looks at LISA: the painful)
    (looks at mask)
    (looks at game)
    (looks at LISA: the painful)

    Yup, and nobody here knows buzzo.
    up, this was "inspired" in some way by LISA.
    I know it.

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