Ubisoft Press Conference – E3 2016 [Full livestream]

Watch the broadcast Ubisoft’s Press Conference from E3 2016, hosted by GameSpot.

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  1. Why do they always say "Never before seen footage extreme rare you are so lucky footage/game play" … Do they ever show us things we seen befor ? is that not the point with E3 ? Showing us new shit ?

  2. The whole college roommates playing a game voiceover for wildlands really took me out of the experience. I hope future demos will have the proper type of voiceover.

  3. Oculus seems to be recreating the big video crash 1983. They think that whatever they make will be good because it's VR. It's not. Get it together. Stop trying to make E.T for VR.

  4. UbiSoft releasing games without a single player campaign?

    Next conference I hope you announce you're going chapter 11, aka BANKRUPT

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