Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE – Review

Alexa reviews the crossover RPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Check out the gorgeous animation and how you might foil the evil mirages in this creative title.

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  1. So is this that game that was going by the tentative title of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem that got mentioned so long ago but then kinda dropped off the radar?

  2. so so close to a good review but you mist the one thing annoying most western gamers that's Atlus us and us Nintendo bad habit of cut out large parts of the game or rewrite them so some special snowflake isn't trigger because fuck given gamers the in its original form just with English sub no it need censored some people who will never pay this game while not be trigger because a norther nation see the world oh hell who are we kidding more people don't see the world like these people to Atlus fire the special snowflake on staff hire people who like Japanese games not tumblerits how just think that the world should a safe space and Nintendo here's who to get gamers stop bow to this people that don't pay your games are forever trigger and all ways looking for something to complain about oh if you think this game isn't censored go check censored gaming's videos

  3. Its actually a great game to be honest, I put 60 hours into it so far and I dont regret a thing, the combat is great and most of the characters are totally endearing, if you put the whole idol business thing aside. Honestly this game just makes me desperately wish that they simply chose normal fantasy settings, or something less idiotic at least. At so many points during the game I just burst out laughing or stared at the tv unbelieving at how stupid the situations were, how they made everything turn around and come back to the singing/acting/performing whatever even when there were more pressing things at stake and it did not make a lick of sense. They made the nice and interesting characters be and act completely irrational 😀 It is one thing to have a setting and make the characters fit into the setting but another to have a normal world setting and make the characters go crazy ape shit about it. Like I said, great game as long as you can laugh off or ignore the idol setting and the stupid things that necessarily come with it.

  4. Ive got a super sick Mirage Sessions FE painting that me and an artist put together in the course of six months here on my youtube channel. Definitely check it out…its got LED lights to music and a floating (false) frame to it. Wii U owners will also love it as well :O)

  5. Looks so awesome. Some how didn't even hear about this. I REALLY hope a lot of these great Wii U games get re released on the switch. I'm DYING to play the new paper MARIO but haven't owned a Wii U in years

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