Sony Press Conference – E3 2016 [Full livestream]

Watch the full live broadcast Sony’s Press Conference from E3 2016!

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  1. 59:20 – I don't know why, but when I see the lead character in Horizon I picture her as the female wildling in GOT who sides with Jon Snow at Hardhome just before the White Walkers come; the one who gets killed and turned by a group of bastard zombie kids.

  2. Smoke and mirrors once again. And the media give them the win again. When are all these games coming out ? Why do we pay for PSN to play online with out any good exclusive killer app on that service ? I see God of war and looks amazing but it's this a 2018 tittle ? What about the Kojima game ? 2019 ? I have nothing but shit VR and nothing else to look forward for the rest of the year. It was an F, in my humble opinion.

  3. 1:31:27 Thank god they started star wars after that, No one fucking cares about Crash in Skylanders ( WE WANT A NEW CRASH BANDICOOT GAME ) thats why barely anyone in the audience clapped or cheered.

  4. At 39:25 you can start to hear a guy who is clearly a fan start to figure out who that voice belongs to and can barely contain his excitement. Little moments picked up like that make me happy.
    This conference was truly a landmark event in gaming.

  5. I just ordered an xbox one s, so I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore Sony fanboy, but the Microsoft press conference was so…tacky. So much bragging and trying to come off hip and cool, and games like Scalebound didn't really help that image. I'm glad to see that Sony not only starts off by addressing the orlando-incident, but also let their games do the talking, to great effect.

  6. My theory for GOW (4?): Kratos has a new wife and child, after the story of the first trilogy. So he maybe somehow resurrected after GOW 3 (you know, he most likely killed himself). And from what I heard by others in the comments, the son could be Ullr (God of Duelling; God of Justice; God of Glory) and his most used weapon even was a bow. The mother of Ullr was Sif, and the father was unknown, so Kratos can technically be the father (in the game).
    And all this little details still can be true.
    BUT: Nothing's confirmed, but it isn't disproven either.

  7. ผมชอบโซนี่มาก ทั้งอเมริกาและญี่ปุ่น เกมและมือถือ มีเงินแล้วก็อยากซื้อมาไว้เป็นของตนเอง ผลิตภัณฑ์เค้าดีมากๆ ทันสมัยและดีไซน์สวยงาม มีราคา ทนทาน รับประกันอายุการใช้งาน ชอบครับ แค่นี้แหละ

  8. I had a dream….
    That PS 4 and PC will be allied…
    But instead XBOne formed an alliance with PC…
    Then I cried…
    Now, all the hate towards Xbox…
    Will fall upon us PC users as well…

  9. Ps4 muggle affairs. Buy your fryers and plug it into the socket. But watch out you do not burn it. Ps4 fried egg god of war lumberjack hahaha hahaha

  10. I'm wish they made resident evil 8 announcement trailer, gameplay reveal trailer, & gameplay demo in e3 2016

    Note: resident evil 8 should coming in January 24, 2017.

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