Project Scorpio Announcement – E3 2016 Microsoft Press Conference

Phil Spencer introduces Project Scorpio, the next 4K and VR capable Xbox hardware, compatible with all Xbox One and Xbox One S hardware.

Watch Microsoft’s full press conference:

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  1. LMAAAOO SO MANY CONSOLE GAMING PESENTS SAYING THAT THIS WILL RUN GAMES @ 4k 60fps. HAHAHAAA lmao it has only 6teraflops😂😂😂😂 thats like a r9 390x wich can run games at 25-30 fps at 4k mediun settings LOL

  2. im so glad Im still alive to have witness the beginnings of a gaming platform frm famicom, tetris, game and watch, now to this, and future beyond VR gaming.

  3. they should open all doors so you can play with your friends …xbox360 Xbox 1 ps3 ps4 its not right that they do it so u cant….if Xbox can open there doors so should ps4

  4. I might be switching. If Xbox is making an amazing console like this I'll probably be switching from Sony. Let's see what 2017 has to offer

  5. WAIT.
    If Scorpio comes out, Sony will do something about it, like the PS5 or something like that.
    That means KH3 won't come out on PS4/Xbox One anymore, that means, fml

  6. I'm just wondering how are we going to upload 4K gaming videos to YouTube….I really don't think it'll be possible

  7. I am always a Sony lover my ps4 is a ruler in the gaming world I never ever look at X box but this this it seems different I am only putting my faith in this one because my horoscope is scorpio

  8. What a load of crap. The way we want to play? more like the way they want us to play.
    How bout bring back split screen? How bout backwards compatibility? Does anybody remember 16 player system link halo parties!
    I really dont care about POWER, I want functionality! Something this generation has completely lost.

    ok im done now. :S

  9. Microsoft is slowly becoming the 2012 nintendo of 2017+. I'd rather play ANYTHING than buying this overpriced console to play "halo 6:Master Chief Gets Virtual STDs"

  10. That cross capability comes trophies (I said Sony should do it, if not full scale capability, just discounts & trophy sync with steam) I'm motha-fukin-down. I'll definitely start playing some Xbox games avidly👍 Not a fan of the massive amount of spy devices these days. But it's all good, when I not using them, I kept em in the tub.😁😁😂

  11. 😏Super consoles & backward compatibility?? Either you really love your customers Microsoft💃
    (Family: That's no way a marketing ploy word) or, your reaching with a passion😐, I wonder which😮☺😊😀 😸😹😹😹

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