LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Review

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens makes use of the gameplay and puzzle structure fans have come to expect from the series, Randolph reviews this engaging, fun, and charming new title.

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  1. Why is it that Gamespot always gives too low of a score to almost any game, while IGN almost always gives too high of a score? Learn how to properly score a friggin game already…

  2. People complain because it played too much like a lego game? haha wtf is wrong with that, People know what to expect when jumping into these games.

  3. Personally I love these Lego games. I have been playing them ever since the original Lego Star Wars (I,II,III)) came out.

  4. Easy review. It's a standard Lego game with a Star Wars theme. Slap on the safe, dependable 7 for a score and call it a day!

  5. IGN loved this game, and usually their reviews are quite negative. I don't know why you'd not enjoy it.

  6. I think this game is a masterpiece. There are a lot of fun changes they made to the usual LEGO formula that really make Lego Star Wars: The Force Awaken stick out from the other games Traveler's Tales has offered.

  7. Just as a word of advice NEVER cut corners too fast because whenever I do my game crashes, but overall I love this game.

  8. I feel like they should start adding an easy, normal and hard mode. Make it like Ducktales remastered how easy mode gives you unlimited lives, but unlike Ducktales it would gives more lives in normal and much less in hard (then there could be an extreme I guess where only get one life in a level.

  9. I've never really found the Lego games funny. They were always really forced. And in a lot of Lego games there are PLENTY of filler characters and characters that do the exact same as others. But it's my opinion and I really do like some of the Lego games.

  10. So… the game makes you work hard for the secret levels that add more content to the game making it worth your money, God Forbid we get content that isn't DLC, fuck this reviewer for that. Its guys like that that make companies force paid additions onto full priced games.

  11. i agree with everything in this video, however the lego series should add a challenge mode for harder gameplay, they could also tweak setting options for something like,
    first person, battle sequences, harder hitboxes, no auto lock and other things

    reply with what you think they should add

  12. They honestly should’ve waited until the trilogy was over, and should’ve stuck to a more classic theme. Instead of working on a million different hubs, put the effort into the levels. If they had waited for the entire trilogy, there would’ve been so much more quality for the game

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