Injustice 2 – Announcement Trailer

Take your first look at this new teaser trailer for Injustice 2.

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  1. No gameplay, no point, no sale.

    Injustice 1 was a broken mess with no depth. Ed Boon has no idea how to balance fighting games or create diverse character rosters.

    Remember all the talkk of extensive DLC? Half the game was Batman oriented. They even included, for some reason, Scorpion – who managed to break the game.

    The gameplay was utterly sterile; Deathstroke and his guns ad infinitum.

    Not interested.

  2. Pre-Order now and get the special DLC called MARTHA:
    Just press Y and they will stop figthing once they realize their moms have the same name!

    Brought to you by Mark Zucke…. I mean! "Lex Luthor"

    "He's found us…. and he's coming!…. DING DING DING DING DING!"

  3. No opinion till I see gameplay footage. Cinematic trailers mean almost nothing now a days. But I am a big fan & follower of Ed Boon, and MK is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I also really enjoyed Injustice: Gods Amoung Us, but saw its lack of full potential. So I can't wait to see its gameplay and crazy finishers.

  4. CGI Justice League film would have been so much better and outside of the box if they really wanted to bring in money for WB. It's a shame that a small clip like this which probably costed millions of dollars will only be a small portion of something that could have been so much more and epic on a movie screen.

  5. Terrible announcement trailer. Showing previous characters. Except for super girl. Could have showed off more of the cast.

  6. Does superman have to wear an armor? I mean, hey, we´re talking about the man of STEEL, not the man of paper.

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