How Good is Witcher 3: Blood & Wine? – The Lobby

The final DLC for The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is out, but how good is it? Rob, Jake and Danny discuss the final adventure for Geralt.

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  1. What is the point of having someone who's only played the expansion for two hours? What can he possibly add to the discussion besides the basic stuff?

  2. What I have played of it has been outstanding. It's a game I can honestly say I don't regret buying the season pass for. Probably the best game I have ever played.

  3. Want more of this type of expansion. Hope Project Red consider bringing additional DLCs in the future. Well done and enjoy it so far.

  4. So I started a 'new game plus', I'm level 48, have enough skills points to max out anything, have all bombs/ potions/ decoctions at superior etc, BUT in terms of the story I'm only just now starting the Novigrad questline. I was wondering if this would at all make B&W feel "too easy" and if I wouldn't be better off playing it with a blank character??

  5. Haha, 8/10 … good joke. Because 40 or more hours of excellent content are not enough for an expansion. And I thought you guys were "professionals". How disappointing!

  6. 300 hours lol this is the only game that has been worth a shit……worth the wait,worth the value ,worth the cost of the DLC,worth my time,worth my praise…..I FUCKING BOW DOWN TO CD PROJECT RED…………GREAT GAME…cant wait to see what is in store next for our impatient ,instant gratification,needy ass's……not to mention they wiped the floor with failures of every re packaged re polished broken P.O.S. that was released from so called AAA studios…well played

  7. Question. I have two saves. One right before I started NG+ and my game in NG+.

    Didn't really get too far in my NG+ play through. Would I be able to load up my old save and play through Blood & Wine? I was level 33 when I went to NG+

  8. Best time to start to play is after you finished the main game. Doesnt make sense to start it earlier story wise and also level wise.

  9. i literally just finished it and i thought it was awesome. I dont wanna get into too much spoilers but I had the ending with yennefer and I thought it was perfect. Geralt and yen finally get to rest and live together without worrying about anything anymore. It was honestly a perfect ending for geralt. now for cyberpunk

  10. I started Blood and Wine while I was about halfway through my NG+ save, and one quirk I noticed is that there are references to the end of the main game regardless if you've gotten that far.

    During the first conversations with Regis, Geralt makes a comment about finding Ciri and defeating the Wild Hunt. This happened even though Isle of Mists was still active.

  11. I'd love to know what DLCs get higher than 8/10. I know, I know… 8/10 is still considered [fill in whatever positive superlative GameSpot uses for 8s], but it's certainly my favorite add-on to any game in the last four years, easily.

  12. I'm too biased with this game cuz my review just consists of "legendary legendary legendary…"

    I think by hearts of stone the game peaked for me, blood and wine was a nice gentle cooldown

  13. 10h of gameplay and this game is just BORING, nice cutscenes and story but thats all, rest is just EASY hack and slash with simple perk system ( alchemy – tank , signs – caster , swords – fighter ) and 3 types of armor medium, heavy and light – you cannot make it just need to pay somebody to craft it for you, some npc, 2 types of swords and useles crossbow . there is no real crafting, ( alchemy is just buffs and you AUTO CRAFT always 3 potions when you sleep LoL ) – typical game for 8 year old kids for consoles. Geralt Auto Focus when you fight !!!! you only need to press X X X X X X , horse got GPS !!!!! when you set your target on map and press O you will auto run there on your horse ( you can drink , eat etc 😛 ) you can steal in ppl homes when they are asking you for hel etc and they will say NOTHING – you will just take everything from their home and go 😛

  14. Am I the only one who preferred Hearts of Stone? I feel like it doesn't get near enough praise as it should, and has one of the most compelling villains I've ever seen

  15. Currently trying to finish this DLC right now. Slowly becoming my favorite game ever. Also, I miss Danny hosting The Lobby 😀

  16. When you make a DLCs worth GOTY.
    Hearts of Stone small but Gaunter O' Dimm best villain in witcher 3.
    Blood and wine awsome as it is.
    Defines this generation of games.

  17. I don't like some of the "super villains", like The Caretaker. They seem sadistically difficult and what's the point except to arbitrarily extend the game time?

  18. I like the game but at times I feel like I'm just walking from dialogue cutscene to dialogue cutscene.

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