Hanzo – Overwatch Hero Guide

The second sniper on our hero guide roster, Hanzo is an adept character worth mastering. Join Mike & Danny to learn how to get the most out of this Japanese assassin.

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  1. Hanzo needs a bit of a buff it seems. I love the character but Widowmaker is almost always just a better pick; really a shame.

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  3. You guys are crazy. I out-snipe Widow all the time. You can see her coming with those sonic arrows, then just line it up.

  4. One small correction. Do not shoot the scatter arrow directly at people, it will only do the damage of one arrow if you do that. Shoot at the floor or a wall that will deflect multiple arrows at your enemy and do way more damage

  5. video tells you hanzo is a counter to bastion. you face bastion. you look around the corner to shoot. you die.

  6. I love Hanzo, and sometimes using his arrow drop to shoot from very far and make the hits, is fun. So coming from MGO3 with bullet drop, it's a nice thing.

  7. Does anyone else have a better time using Hanzo than WidowM sometimes?
    (As shocking as it is…Minecraft helped me ALOT with Hanzo. XD)

  8. Use scatter arrow not directly at enemies but under there feet so all those duplicate arrows hit them all at once. Imma master Hanzo player also here's a tip of how to look pro. Just go on a high place lo for an enemy and headshot by falling down and headshot in the air.

  9. He is super cool but damn is he hard to master. I have been killed by him many times. This dude once climbed a wall span round mid air and hit me with a headshot. I was impressed but he is not the hero for me unfortunately.

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