For Honor Full Gameplay Demo & Stage Show – E3 2016 Ubisoft Press Conference

Watch the full presentation of For Honor from the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2016.

Watch Ubisoft’s full press conference:

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  1. I seriously can't wait to own this game! Been looking forward to this since E3 last year and now that it's finally on its way! Eeek I'm so excited😝

  2. You look in the comment section and it's the same thing:

    "y u no mor gore?!?!??!?!?! :OOOOO"

    As if to imply dismemberment wasn't a hard thing to do, and that weapons go through bones literally like butter.

  3. where the fuck are the Moore's, Ethiopians, Hebrews and Zulus, the ones who first captured the vikings and taught them how to sharpen their weapons, introduced astronomy for sea travel, and Martial Arts. This should be about the first Hebrew Kings, the original Chinese and the Ethiopians, Moore's and Zulu. The vikings and knights were no match combatively for anyone on the planet at that time thats why Europe invented the musket and rifle.

  4. Please at least hire Japanese native speaker for voice acting. This sounds ridiculous to me.
    I like the concept and graphics, I feel like buying copy,but this Japanese side looks so mistaking like movie Kianu ronin.

  5. okey, some questions:
    why is the main character, and the "bosses" 2 times bigger than regular soliders?
    why aren't the regular soliders attacking the main character? They just stand around him
    why are the regular soliders whit schields killed whit one hit?
    why is the main character invincible? he took several blows whit no problem.
    why is the last samurai wields a sword bigger than himself?

  6. When i see Opening Cinematic, not only invasion but seeking resourse for 3 factions in order to survive their clans. Viking missions really awesome because Raider want his clans survive in order to defeat his nemesis, Warlord Apollyon.

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