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Death Stranding E3 2016 Reveal Trailer

Hideo Kojima appeared onstage during PlayStation’s conference to reveal the first trailer for Death Stranding, the first game from Kojima Productions.

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  1. I wonder if the 5 beings standing over the destruction are meant to represent Konami, and the destruction is what Konami did to Kojima Productions, Moby Dick studios, and Metal Gear Solid. Norman Reedus stands in for Kojima as a way to tell Konami I'm not dead yet. The "I'll keep coming" is Kojima telling Konami he'll keep making videogames.

  2. Can someone explain me what was this trailer about and what the hell is up with all the dead animals at the end?! Btw it looks nice

  3. They are abusing 3d artist withi this kind of crap. I didn't know there is capitalism or some kind of dictate's regim in Japan also… :((

  4. When you think about Adam and Eve ( following biblic interpretation ), how do you imagine her birth?
    Do you think she appeared as an adult woman?
    In this trailer I saw a man, with is baby…
    He doesn't talk, he's naked ( as Snake ) and… He has a scar in his abdomen.
    There is a sort of umbilical cord…

    And at the end we can see five flying figures…

    I agree about all the things with dead animals but…
    Just read, with your eyes, how Eve was created in the Bible: God makes Adam felt in a deep dream, then he takes something from his body, he closes again the cut… And then Eve is done! What is that thing? It's DNA?
    Just think about that, cos all the religions have similar legends… Just think about two legendary myths: Jesus Christ and Hercules… yes I know, what a blasphemy, but how did they born ? Both from a god's union with a mortal woman
    Here we are again.

    Please remember that I'm atheist. I see no god in the Bible…
    A god that made, a calculated number, 35 billion people dying according with Bible words.

  5. there's 6 little rectangle things on that necklace Norman Reedus is wearing, and there's 5 weird beings in the sky, at the end, maybe he's involved with or is the 6th one of them?

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