Bethesda Press Conference – E3 2016 [Full livestream]

Watch the full broadcast Betheda’s Press Conference from E3 2016, hosted by GameSpot!

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  1. Meh… Halfway through and so far all that I really care about is this new game Prey. I could care less about a freakin Elderscrolls cards game… I want a brand new ELDERSCROLLS game… PERIOD!!!

  2. Hate the opening of Legends…they couldn't do actual voice acting, really? They didn't have the money to sync voices to lips? Grrrr. I expect more from Bethesda. That's crap that Ubisoft does.

  3. Bethesda, The most scumbag company to ever walk the face of the gaming community and get vehemently defended for their shitty games and practices while the same community who defends them attacks companies like EA for releasing crappy useless DLC. Who honestly asked for more workshop DLC. Oh wow Skyrim remastered. Still doesn't look better than modded ENB version, infact what they showed looks like a midrange pc build in which quality is halfway if you can even say that and that probably most features like ambient occlusion aren't even present which would be paramount to a remaster.

    But don't worry, Because people with single digit IQs will eat this up and pretend as if Bethesda is one of the "good guys" When reality comes its that they're actually wolves in sheep's clothing.

  4. I don't understand why people even go to E3 if most of them are just going to sit there like dull losers not clapping or cheering for anything, or just starring down at there Damn phones the whole time. E3's audience every year continues to dissapoint. Some of us here would relish the chance to experience E3 and those people just take the biggest gaming conference for granted. Such bullshit.

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