Battlefield 1's Combat From Every Angle

Tank combat, bombing runs, dog-fighting, sniping, you name it. Here are some of our Battlefield 1 closed alpha gameplay highlights seen from multiple player perspectives. Note: Some footage used was captured at 720p.

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  1. There sure are a lot of WW1 experts in the comments who suddenly decided Battlefield should be an accurate representation of war. Do you really want to experience anything close to actual warfare? By all accounts it's not exactly a fun time.

  2. The video went great with the music, and the editing was really good, my favourite part was when the music paused and the sniper took the shot! 🙂

  3. To people complaining about the game being not so accurate. If it was accurate, it won't be any fun. Who wants to cower behind a wall or in a trench for hours while being pounded by gun fire? Or get shot by a officer for retreating from the battlefield? Imagine driving a tank, which would take quite some time to even reach the border of the battlefield. Only to find out they have ended the match. At least it's not another typical Sci-fi Shooterzombie/gorefest game we see every year. So much for "Play a game for enjoyment".

  4. gamers are so spoiled man. i bet if this game focused on being more historically accurate people would complain about that. just shut up.

  5. Holy crap at people talking about the graphics. Do you all not realize how terrible the youtube compression/bitrate is? Go watch LevelCapGaming's 1440p video he uploaded yesterday, it's literally night and day compared to the graphics in this video.

  6. it's really too bad that a large portion of the gaming community is a bunch of shitbags, specifically here talking about how the graphics look bad and judge the game from pre-alpha footage with very limited content and features, compared to what the whole game will have.

  7. Got a severe injury on my neck after 20 years of video gaming. I can't play anymore. This s for good. I feel an incredible sadness.

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