Battlefield 1 E3 2016 Stage Show – EA Press Conference

Check out the presentation of Battlefield 1 at E3 2016.

Watch EA’s full press conference:

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  1. Its the same thing but in another time period and people are losing ther minds. There's no gameplay difference. Just new maps and guns that look different but probably act the same as bf 4. At least cod changes it up with thruster jumps and some minor changes each game.

  2. I'm confused, so does having movie celebrities at your E3 debut make your games legitimate or enhance them in any way?

  3. my battlefield 3 hasn't been working for more than two years by now (cannot connect to the online) and battlefield 4 is full of bugs and online ridiculous shit (again bugs and glitches)…

  4. pff the game will not look like this when you're actually playing + it will be unplayable because of LAG its gonna lag like crazy i dont give a shit about trailers i will probably buy COD

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