12 Minutes of We Happy Few Gameplay at E3 2016

Find out what happens when one resident of Wellington Wells doesn’t take his happy pills, in this gameplay straight from E3 2016.

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  1. Good 2 C we got another "professional" amateur giving us gameplay footage, at this rate they're better off hiring people of the street 2 play if the guy is so slow and unobservent

  2. 3:00 "Ewww, whats in that room. Guess you can look through the window… wait where you going? Go back! Look through the blinds! What the hell!?"

  3. Who ever was playing this game is a slow ass mother fucker he or she don't understand how to do a proper demonstration of a product such as a video game.

  4. It's impressive how awful this player is, I got a completely different impression of the game from watching this compared to my 10 hours of ingame time.

  5. Looks promising, reminded me a lot of Bioshock. But there's a big problem: that horrible player… like is really better a 4 minutes concise and well done gameplay, than 12 minutes of looking at walls and doors and running aimlessly

  6. Game looks good, seems to have a good story, art style like bioshock. But this dude was stressing me out. Seems like the only thing he's used to playing with in his hands is you know what. He Didn't look into the window, stared at a wall for 20 seconds. Never looks up. Doesn't know how to time his attacks. Picks a lock but doesn't open it. Gaming sense of a potatoe.

  7. I was watching the gameplay. I got annoyed as fuck cause the player is an idiot, I look at the comments. Holy fucking shit if I am not the only one.

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