Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer

Sega has announced Dawn of War 3, a new entry in Relic Entertainment’s acclaimed Warhammer 40,000 real-time strategy series.

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  1. Naaah, Pederson's Astartes is the only thing. Just look how cartoonish long the legs of the space marines are in this clip. Silly Space Vikings. This is just stuff for little children. The "Real Astartes" for grown ups only come from Pederson.

  2. Yeah, this is good for its time I guess. But Games Workshop proved how much better they can do – just look at the amazing animation in Hammer & Bolter.


  3. Живите на своей планете, на своём континенте, не используйте труд других людей ради только своего благосостояния и никто из нас вам не причинит вреда.

  4. Space Marines can die… if dozens of enemies jump over a single one so he can't move anymore, or when they are out of ammo on both bolter and bolt pistol, after the chainsword battery run off too, when they are at last disarmed of their knife (and at this point, that means the battle is going on from 15 hours or so), when there are no more improvised weapons around to bludgeon enemies to death (an iron pipe would be enough), and when there are no more parts of enemies they killed to use as weapon either (a Tyranid crest or tail, an ork ripped arm or so)…

  5. lol what were they thinking? this trailer looks like what the fans wanted in their dawn of war game!
    yet we got nothing like what we see in the trailer…

  6. only thing i have gripes with this trailer is the skinny marines, other than that, it's masterfully imagined

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