Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Review

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End blends its gameplay, characters, and world into a magnificent whole, making it the best game in the series.

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  1. Fuck sake, just finished the game then watched this review and only just realised I could just sneak past people without killing them smdh. I knew I could stealth people but thought I had to kill everyone before getting to the next bit! Took me ages lmao

  2. I just finished this game, and I loved it. Not sure about the regular ps4, but the ps4 pro on a 4k tv really, really impresses, stunning shit. However, the shooting mechanics are mediocre to say the very least and the enemies are authentic bullet sponges

  3. Debating which is better: uncharted 2 or 4, I feel like both games are great for different reasons, and I don't really feel like comparing them

  4. This game seems so amazing 😍❤️ like I currently own the PlayStation 3 and I’m currently playing uncharted 3 I hope to buy the PlayStation 4 so I can be able to play this game 😊

  5. Already one of my top 5 games of all time. Easy 10/10 and is just as good as the last of us. Naughty dog can't stop cranking masterpieces

  6. It was a great story and a pretty good game. There was some serious climbing simulator action though. I swear I spent at least 50%-60% of the playtime climbing around. They could have found a way that is a little less boring to pad the runtime with. Like I said though, still a pretty excellent experience overall.

  7. 10/10 seriously? This is a solid 9, it's not that special. Than again they gave Grand Theft Auto IV the same score too… I'm really losing faith in Gamespot…

  8. best graphics ever,story, character building,best in class facial animations,nate looks better than ever , gameplay is the best I've played,smooth movements,i don't think any other game is beating all these any time soon,100000/100000,,, I'm sure if i look back at this game after a hundred years I'd still be impressed, it's that good

  9. I've not played any game in the uncharted series, and I'm planning to buy this one. Will I really understand something, like the story and those characters?? Someone please help me out with this question! Btw, is this game worth it??

  10. One of the smoothest and best looking games I’ve played, gunplay and climbing were extra polished and some of the best I’ve ever experienced, the story is well-written and the characters are memorable and likeable, a 10/10 for me as a masterpiece.

  11. It’s one of my favorite games ever, the story is very well-crafted and paced, characters are already built-up but still somehow manage to provide these characters dev moments like no other series. From start to end, the story is consistently shocking, emotional and bombastic.

    The gameplay is the smoothest I’ve ever played, animations are extremely fluid, parkour is so smooth, gunplay is pretty fun and some of the best balance of challenge and fun. The stealth isn’t the best but it’s not even advertised as a stealth game, it’s literally a secondary option and still manages to provide a solid stealth system. All the missions, set pieces are amazing and memorable.

    Uncharted 4 is truly one of the best games I’ve played, the graphics and animations hold up to 2020 and the story is extremely memorable and remarkable.

    10/10 for me.

  12. I finally got around to playing this game during coronavirus lockdown after owning it for a couple of years. This was a truly wonderful game. Naughty dog should be very proud of what they have created here. I also note it is PS+ game for April 2020, so grab it if you haven't played it before.

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