Tracer – Overwatch Hero Guide

She may be the star of the game, but she’s not that easy to handle. Chris & Mike give you some tips on how best to handle Overwatch’s Tracer.

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  1. a good tip they didnt mention ; if u are bad with aiming the super ability( the bomb thing ) run into the middle of alot of enemies … use it on yourself … teleport all the way using either blink or recall

  2. Everyone says tracer is hard to learn, but for me she was instantly intuitive. I've only been playing for a few days and already my average eliminations are in the mid 20s to low 30s almost every game. Idk, maybe it is because I'm used to the versatile, fast, low health character type(think scorpion from MK) but tracer is the single easiest experience I have ever had with any game, ever… I'm not trying to brag, but I honestly don't understand this idea that tracer is hard. If any one could explain this I would appreciate it…

  3. Went into the game thinking most offensive heroes are not for me, Tracer above everyone, I know it. Recently got a legendary skin for her, I was happy yet disappointed, thinking well, I'll never see it. Then I decided to try her out again, to apply what I know I should be doing and do it instead of just trying forcing myself in fights I can't win. As soon as I decided getting kills with her was not important it clicked, I stopped dying as often and i started harassing and pulling up to 3 people on me at the same time while taking them off the objective. Funny thing is, when you decide to stop seeking kills and just peel whoever isn't in a good spot(supports and defense characters preferably) it just works. Along with Junkrat she is now one of my favorite heroes to play. My advice if you are uncertain or certain she is not for you is: just play with her, and thank your teammates for their patience while you do. You might be surprised how much you learn from and enjoy your experience with her.

  4. It drives me nuts seeing people play tracer and using all blink charges when not needed, leaving them in a usual constant cooldowns phase… Always try and leave 1 tracer tick for when you really need it.

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