Overwatch – Review in Progress

Overwatch releases May 24 and Peter Brown lets us know how this seemingly simple team shooter promises to be a seminal shooter. Get ready!

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  1. He mentions mixing different types of character types in one game like it's the first time any game has done that…. ummm isn't that the entire premise of Team Fortress 2? I mean you should at least have mentioned them.

  2. i got this game but now I wish i hadn't. Its a fantastic game but I just suck at it. the only hero im decent at is mercy and shes simple. I cant even get bastion right. i might return it since im just absolute trash, but I can't really have fun with it cause im dead 90% of the time. Sorry if i sounded super whiny but if you want to get it, get it. I just don't like it anymore because i cant play xD

  3. For what it is it's pretty fun, but it's not anything amazing. The beta was alright but every match began to turn into a strafing firefight. The final version didn't add too much for me and outfits and emotes are so unrewarding in the progression system. I'll play it a little while longer, but I predict I'll be going back to Doom or Rainbow Six: Siege soon.

  4. i want to but I'm not sure if i should buy this game. There are a lot of mixed reviews and opinions in the comments, is there anyone that could help out? :/

  5. The only people truly disappointed with this game will be those who didn't really know what to expect. They're usually not shooter players who're expecting a MOBA with guns from the first person perspective or people who thought it'd be the next incarnation of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Both of those are wrong: you'll hate this game. Most others are at the very least moderately positive to ultra-hyped so far about it. I'm between moderately positive and ultra-hyped in: I'm pleasantly surprised, will be playing this for a good while as my main (or at least secondary) shooter and look forward to what the future brings for this game. If you're into shooters a mix of CSGO and Overwatch gives a lovely variety in playstyles and totally different ways of bringing tension in matches.

  6. I don't have a good PC to run this on, the only computer I have is a crappy, and I mean EXTREMELY crappy MacBook Pro from like 2010. Should I save up for a better PC/Laptop or just get it on the PS4. If I should get it on PC, which PCs do you guys recommend?

  7. Dnt buy it m8 this gme Sucs ass
    The noscoping sucs
    The quickscoping eats ass
    Thres no fcking haxs either
    – ign rates 69/420

  8. Those who say OW is bland and gets boring after days are most likely 24 year old CoD and halo freaks that are too used to low quality shooters. You heard it here first, if you're like that you don't know what a quality shooter is.

    Loads shotgun

  9. My opinion:1. I suggest to only get this game if you've got friends playing. It's quite irritating to play solo for me. I've had two Genjis on my team before while trying to take the point against a full team of tanks. They were so countered that they were just dashing in and running out to contest points the entire game while getting hugs from Roadhugs2. The map is linear. There are usually about only two ways to get to an objective and they don't usually help you avoid contact from things you were trying to go around such as those instant lock-on turret. It's almost impossible to go through the main section without a Reinhart and while this makes having a tank violable, it does limit it to simply Reinhart as even diva's shields fall off too fast and the other 3 are for different purposes.3. Roofs are annoyingly simplistic as they are, most of the time, unlandable. Even the two ninja brothers aren't able to get on them as they always slip off endangering your character to the full wrath of enemies. The wall climbing ability gets annoying from this as there are many walls you can climb on but will always drop you in the same location afterwards. Also there are certain reachable areas wall climbling cannot reach because of stange obstacles.4. You can create custom games but random players apparently can't join and yet this feature is probably the best part of the game since it allows you to create your own matches and what maps, characters can be used, and even skill cooldown timers. An entirely online multiplayer game with such an awesome feature like this should allow the option for players to choose to join these "custom games".5. The game is all about cosmetic but you cannot choose your skin once you are in-game. This should've been one of the basic needs for a game where progression is all about cosmetics.6. Loot boxes are alright but you can actually get duplicate items quite often and they don't even give you that much gold back. Not only that but these is no actual way to get a skin for a character you like except by buying it after collecting enough coins from getting crates that might not even give you gold.7. Leveling up to 35 in this game has only become a burden. It only made it harder for me to queue up with others apparently as the game takes quite a while to queue me up with players my "level" and its even harder with no friends on. The longest I've waited was about 4 minutes so far. The only plus has been the loot boxes and sometimes it hurts to see what you get.8. The game is not worth 60$ on PC and yet it is the release price for consoles and yet the things included are for "other" games and those games aren't even for consoles aside from Diablo. This seriously limits the community for console players.9. The game lags hard on the PS4. First two day of the game was awesome but after that patch they sneaked in, the game's lag almost kills the game for me. I've actually had a game where after the lady countdowns for 10 to 1 and says begin, I get disconnected for the match. I've even had a match where it took me 20 seconds to get on a ramp in front of my character.10. We should've got like 100 gold for every level we do so that someone at level 20 should atleast have a legendary skin or cosmetics for a character of their choosing.11. Junkrat is OP in this game. His weapon does massive damage and he can shoot them at long ranges to places where every other character actually have to have sight of to shoot at. While also having traps, a "take you with me" passive unique to him only and instant blowing bombs on him to counter all melee to mid ranged fights. He can at some times be more of a sniper than both of the snipers and can even kill off sniper killers like genji and reapers with more ease than them as well. In all, Blizzard needs to either fix him to be a long range bomber or a close range grenadier. My suggestion, limit his ammo capacity to 4 or 5 before reloading as someone with so much destructive force should need to reload more.For me this game was a 7/10(average games being at 5/10) It was okay to not have the story but it didn't have many modes going for it other than quick play and weekly brawls. The game had the graphics but graphic isn't something I cared about. The game is currently 4/10 for me though with the lag that it's going through but it should be patched up sooner or later.

  10. Gets boring really fast. The only way to win a game is to have a team which is at least some what good, or have a lucky multi-kill ultimate which means people have to run all the way back to an objective. And until blizzard nerf / and or buff some characters it's absolutely biased and crap. For example. What's the fun in playing against a full team of dwarves camping behind overpowered infinite turrets. The most this game deserves is a 7

  11. Gets boring really fast. The only way to win a game is to have a team which is at least some what good, or have a lucky multi-kill ultimate which means people have to run all the way back to an objective. And until blizzard nerf / and or buff some characters it's absolutely biased and crap. For example. What's the fun in playing against a full team of dwarves camping behind overpowered infinite turrets. The most this game deserves is a 7

  12. I only watched 0:47 seconds of the video and i will tell you ….stop being cheap and buy it.i t is in my top 3 games of the year so far and i know it will keep its place …… I will save you 4 minutes by telling you to buy it .it might not have a campaign…or single player …….or even co-op …well now im realising it is missing a lot of featuresXD but that didnt stop me from getting it .watching gameplay videos might not do it justice ….you have to play it for yourself,and when you do ,it is easy to get addicted. Even though you might get bored within a few months ( like battlefront) but unlike battlefront ,blizzard sets themself apart from other shooters on the market ,by making all future dlc and characters free …while updating the game regularly…i think i made a good point ,so stop reading this comment and buy it

    Well what are you doing…..go buy it

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