Final Fantasy XV – World of Wonder Environment Trailer

Check out some of the beautiful towns, gigantic cities and scenic backdrops which make up the world of Final Fantasy XV.

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  1. I feel like at the end of it all they really dumbed down the graphics of the environment before officially releasing it. This looks so much better than the final release version which makes me sad because this would have been amazing!

  2. These graphics will be on PS5 and XBSX ! Full fidelity and max settings , PS4 and Xbox one could’ve not hit the threshold except for PC!

  3. Guys i just finished witcher 3 and ffx. Ffx ending got me. Hmm is ff15 good? I feel lazy to play ffx2 hehe thats why im here.looking for next game to play

  4. This is one of those gaming experiences that was so enthralling and disappointing all at the same time. I hope 10 years from now, with the new tech they have, they will remake this game properly, it at least deserves that. There was clearly a lot of passion behind this, but the work was unfortunately stunted by studio politics.

  5. To this day, i can not understand why they didn't put this Trailer as Intro for the Game. I think that every FF had an intro Sequenz before the Main Menue. And i thought we'd continue with that. But even from the first Seconds, the Game feels unfinished cause there is no Intro.

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