Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Mechanical Apartheid Live-Action Trailer

See the world shift from the golden era of augmentation to the Mechanical Apartheid in this live-action trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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  1. A real publisher should buy the rights of this franchise from idiotic Square Enix. They are sitting on a gold mine and they give zero fucks about it.

  2. 2020 literally is a mix of all that!
    Pandemic to kill humanity – ✔
    Riots and political motives – ✔
    People turning against one another – ✔
    Dead bodies in water and beach (Beirut blasts) – ✔
    Someone playing God – Neuralink?! ✔

  3. mankind divided gives a strong message to people, sadly not many understand it. It is the old divide and conquer technique.
    Dividing people into 2 groups and spreading fear so that one turn against another helped by media and terrorist actions. It is what the elite tried to do to Arch and Talos Rucker by blaming him for terrorist atacks hey did not make. and suceeded. This tactic can be used in other forms, recently we had BLM and Biden took advantage of it with a "vote" comapaign

  4. Finally bought this game and been watching its trailers. Tripping about how the augmented sound like vaccinated people that will go nuts when they control the graphene (from vax) in their bodies via 5G. Then public will demand they be put in camps.

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