Battlefield 1 – World Premiere Trailer

DICE has announced the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise set during World War I.

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  1. Follow EliteGamingAlliance for inside info on Battlefield 1 and information on first BETA release date.
    We enjoyed working with DICE on this project and hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did

    EGA is an alliance within DICE and we hope to see you guys on the Battlefield!

  2. it's good they chose to use world War 1 as a game since EA nearly pulled the idea since next generation kids are too stupid to know world War 1 happened. true story. look it up.

  3. Battlefield should take notes from infinite warfares graphics. Battlefield 1's graphics are no where near as good as infinite warfare's. Btw I didn't like or dislike this trailer, but I did like infinite warfares trailer.

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