The Story of Overwatch: The Fall of Titan

In the first of our three part series, Danny talks to the Overwatch team about what happened with Blizzard’s cancelled MMO Titan, and how its death lead to the birth of Overwatch.

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  1. when I was a kid I absolutely loved Blizzard they made the best games on the planet from Diablo to StarCraft I grew up on this shit.. then Blizzard just kinda faded away for me after I finished wow….. im glad to say I picked up overwatch finally after not thinking I would ever like it. im in absolute game heaven right now with overwatch. Blizzard has won me back and I couldn't be more happy about it……. fear my junkrat

  2. I thank the fall of titan because if it didn't fail i'd be stuck playing TF2, or even quit gaming (im not into the mmo/moba/rpg stuff)

  3. Watched my brother playing warcraft 2 as a kid, he would let me press keyboard shortcuts sometimes. Then played warcraft 3 in high school. Bought the original box set or wow, but never got the time to play it. Now watching the devs talk about overwatch got me playing it. So much fun. My first multiplayer shooter since Counter strike 1.3. Blizzard is amazing

  4. hello. Overwatch as created with Unity or UE4 ? or a other game creator ? Sry for thé level of m'y English becausd im french

  5. the footage gathered for ahl is pretty embarassing, that's what, 7 fps? people actually perceive that as the game being bad, so good on you for promoting that image

  6. I made memories in WoW that will stick with me until I die. I played from Vanilla and stopped about 4 years ago. It was beautiful and I made true friends that have lasted ever since and I've met and become friends outside games, close friends.

  7. It's humbling how much Blizzard defends Titan and will never straight up talk about it. I just, you don't work on a game THAT long and NOT use at least SOME of those concepts as even a jumping off point for the game. And also, "Titan" was always a codename, and never literally describing the genre of the game, so who's to say the MMO wasn't gonna be eventually called, "Overwatch"? It's an interesting mystery 🙂

  8. Watching in 2021. I picked up this game during quarantine last year June, and am in love with it. I found so many friends and joy in this game. I would say it really saved me from going insane living alone.

  9. It's like the couple on facebook , you see all the pretty and awesome things on the outside , but you do'nt see how shitty everything actually is on the inside

  10. It was Titan, not Activision, that actually broke Blizzard's back and self-esteem… It was pretty obvious to me from the very beginning of said project… From what I heard, Blizz was in great debt… Titan development was expensive AF and they lost all the money… Hence, they got sold to Activision. With all the money they got from WoW, they should have focused on 2-3 smaller projects and diversify the risk… They bet everything on one card and failed horribly.

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