The Story of Overwatch: 21 Hero Salute

In the final part of our three part series on Overwatch, Danny explores the creation of the 21 heroes that populate this game. Their history, inspirations, and what happens when they break the game.

Part 1: The Fall of Titan

Part 2: Return of the…

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  1. Throughout this series, multiple Overwatch PC clips have shown some of the in-game fonts with a stroke around it. The "You Killed" text and the match countdown. Is there an option for this? Mine doesn't look like this I don't think,

  2. Not revealing the full story, give bits and piece. work with comunity. I dunno about u guys but for me i feel that just plain lazy. Its like destiny all over again. Until now i have no fucking clue what is really going on in the game.

  3. The whole Overwatch team is great. But i really would like to pick out Jeff and say, this guy is doing a perfect job. Open to gamers, very communicative, and dedicated to what he is doing. I wish i had a job i could be that dedicated to. Thank you.

  4. As a COD player I thank you guys for coming up with Soldier 76. And as for not filling in the blanks, you create what is called a world of "fan fiction" & "fandom". Thanks, for inspiring creativity in all who play Overwatch, Blizzard.

  5. I was just about to say this fool really called widow Russian lmao has to come here and correct him unless she is just a French speaking Russian but I highly doubt it

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