The Evolution of Final Fantasy XV Over 10 Years

Check out the 10 year transformation of the long awaited Final Fantasy XV.

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  1. i didnt like the boyband simulator tone of final fantasy X anyways – its been shite single player (mostly) from SE since they merdged.

  2. Was in grade 6 when first announced. Now i'm in my 2nd year in college. Sigh the days of me waiting for this game and going through the life of a teeanger, good times ahaha

  3. I think I am one of the few people that could never get into the FF games. I tried when I was younger and even a couple years back but i just never had an itch for them.

  4. Game ain't even out yet, kids don't even know the whole story, and yet you still got people saying shit like, man it used to be so good now it looks dumb and immature. Like really? Hipsters came so early to this shit

  5. I dislike that they replaced Stella with Luna… looks too short, while Stella looks tall and it'd look better, but i mean idk, we didnt get to see much of Luna. Just hope it works out well. Luna looks like those typical K-POP girls with the blonde hair and all.

  6. The older graphics and things don't live up to today. I'm glad technology advanced so we could get the present graphics. Old ones (which were good at the time) are a little ugly now

  7. The "Degeneration" of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
    In 2008 the game looked promising. The concept Noctis Vs Stella (Romeo and Juliet) was cool and so was the OST… A mix between KH and FF. Pretty neat I thought.
    In 2016 it is just disappointing. It turned out to be a K-pop Boy Band game simulator for casuals. But hey, what did you expect from Square-Enix and Hajime Tabata.

  8. I've SUFFERED though the development of this game. I saw the first trailer all the way back in 2006 and I immediately knew I would love "versus XIII" more than the main-line XIII title. I visited GameFaqs' "Final Fantasy versus XIII" board almost daily from 2008 to 2013 looking for the slightest little news update… Somewhere along the line, my hype just kinda burned out. I dunno if I like the current iteration of the game. I think I liked the 2008-2011 versions better than what we're getting now… but I do hope my 10 year long wait is not completely in vain. I so very badly want this to be a good game.

    Also, does anyone remember "Agni's Philosophy"? I wonder what happened to that? I mean, the Agni shorts were only Tech Demos, sure, but they had something going on there, too.

  9. I know that's the thing with games, but it sure seemed like a lot was changed. In fact, only from 2013 does it actually seem like the FF game we got.

    The fight with the Leviathan is completely different. Some of the combat looked different. There seemed to be far more of a fight in Insomnia, even in broad daylight. Almost as if Noctis was going to help fight the empire during the attack or something. Even daemons in broad daylight?

    There also seemed to be much more fights in crowds of people, like that dining tower. Again, maybe part of an older scrapped idea for Insomnia?

    Also, unless that was reversed footage, why was the wheel on the right side of the car? Was this supposed to take place in the UK or something? Luna was also massively changed. Noctis looks mostly the same. Slightly less teenager anime than before IMO.

    So, after 10 years, this is what you get. Think I found myself more positive on the story than most but then again, I only played the PC version with all the updates already in place. I will say, the ending felt a bit long in terms of getting to the conclusion while at the same time, the conclusion itself didn't get enough time. I have so many unanswered questions, kinda like with Mass Effect 3 though not to that extent.

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