Survival Mode Is How Fallout 4 Should Be Played

Emerging from the Fallout 4 survival mode beta, Rob prescribes drinking fresh water and getting plenty of rest. Check out his in-depth survey of the new difficulty mode.

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  1. They is a different breaking the game and making it hard this mode breaks the game 500 shoots to kill a deathclaw but you die in like 2 hits buy it

  2. I still ended the game with hundreds of stimpaks, I only actually carry 10 at a time, I found that carrying more water and drinking water was the best way to get health

  3. I wish i started the game in survival lol. When you beat survival mode the first time, it will be easier for you the second time. Once its too easy i recommend you go to god hood and beat it with mods that make the game hard as hell.

  4. I like everything about survival mode with only one exception, saving your game when you sleep. I know that this is to keep you on your toes but I hate losing a hour or even hours of progress due to getting killed, especially during the beginning.

  5. I can't even begin to imagine playing on Survival Mode. I tried to use some of its elements with a mod and my God, even a little taste of Survival mode was taxing.

  6. I like how fallout 76 had survival mechanics in it, but less over the top compared to fallout 4's survival mode, that was like one of the few things I liked about 76

  7. I always carry a primary, a secondary (pistol) and a knife or a machete. I also get some backpack mods because It looks more immersive and reminds me of skyrim's frostfall and campfire

  8. Or u can play like a boss and only pick up loose items and items in locked containers and rooms. Looting containers only put there to help the player is for casuals.

  9. Normal was pretty hard when I first played fallout 4. Even NV survival mode was easy.But after playing survival mode on FO4 I cannot not enjoy the fact that my death is inevitable if I make one wrong move.

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