Quantum Break Review

Peter Brown reviews the time-bending action game Quantum Break.

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  1. The game was good , but action movie show was a little boring , i like to play games with short cut scenes , sitting on 20 minutes episodes is hard when there is minimum action scenes in it and on pc the game runs bad with frame rate dropping it's annoying but in overall quantum break is a good game

  2. Whether you are defending Quantum Break or attacking it, one thing is for sure. This game is not Microsoft's answer to The Last of Us, and it isn't a main reason to buy the Xbox One.

  3. I think reviewers need to understand what "Fast TPS" means. In those, if you hide too long like you used to in Uncharted games or Gears of war, you're doing it wrong.

    Even the gamedesign prooves that :
    – Highly destructible covers, they are just here to permit the player to recover or to have some pause, not to give any specific advantage in combat.
    – opponents are too fast or too far but with good accuracy, always moving, and frequently succed to flank you.
    – ennemies don't play "pigeon clay shooting" by hiding and just putting their head out just for you to shoot them.
    – past the second stage, guns are not enough, ennemies have to much gears and tools to defend and attack you – efficiently. You have to use time abilities correctly to make the win.

    You have to play Quantum Break like you would play Vanquish or Max Payne. Settling everything via blitz attack and accurate use of weapons and abilities. The more skill you have the best the experience is.

  4. this game is basically the same as the order – waste of money. sad part is i am now stuck with a digital copy and cant even trade it away.

  5. Just finished the game. One of the best game on the new generation platforms. The movieepisods are very good! The fighting system is new and works fine. The look is ok and the story is great. There are no black and white very mature storyline and charakters

  6. WoW!! I don't get the hate of this game, I really had a good time playing this game. Sure it has it's flaws just like any other game. But 6 out of 10? No way!! I would give it 8.5 out of 10.

  7. this Game deserves an 8, easily. you were subjective in this review, I didn't find any major flaw in the game. it also made me care about the characters and the story is deeply thought.

  8. The first real review I got this game because everyone said it was great it was a new spin on a shooter that would take your breath away I always wait to buy single player games till they are cheap but this still wasn't worth 20$ game is shit but kinda interesting

  9. This was the last game I allowed myself to get hyped over. I really wanted to like it but the controls and shooting mechanics were awful to the point I sold the game after getting three chapters in. That's the first time I've ever sold off a new game without finishing it.

  10. Playing this on the X….wow a 6?? 🤔 Sony spot strikes again. Every Xbox game gets a lower score here for some reason. This game looks fantastic, the acting story etc are awesome. Easily a 9/10.

  11. Most people said the game have the same ending but never realize that the choice you made will change the fate for some of the characters and change some gameplay situation and experience.

  12. Been playing this game for a bit now (thanks to Gamepass) and there's no way this is a 6 game, at least a 7 (since GameSpot is a PS fanboys) but I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Great game!

  13. I give this game a 9, sharp writing, excellent acting and a set of characters. Gameplay has a variety and is smooth. It only lacks additional content

  14. Literally the most unique concept in gaming and it was really an amazing experience. It's like playing a video game as well as watching a series at the same time! Best acting and voice acting I've ever seen in a video game. This deserves nothing less than 9.5.

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