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Meet Final Fantasy XV's Legendary Composer: Yoko Shimomura

Game Informer interviews Final Fantasy XV’s legendary composer Yoko Shimomura about her writing process, how her work on this proejct dates back to the Versus XIII days, and how the soundtrack compares to previous entries.

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  1. I hate dubs. I'd rather hear her voice and read subtitles. Might as well paste a photo of someone else's face over her if I can't experience getting to actually know her.

  2. I think this is her most generic, copied work to date. Final Fantasy XV music is even more forgettable for me than FFXII. Just too generic and has no real melodies. It's like she just did an orchestral jam session and then added her "bang the piano keys" style she spammed in KH.

  3. Everyone in this comment section talking about I love her music in kingdom Hearts I'm just sitting here like no love for her music in xenoblade? I loved time to fight

  4. Don't worry! Your work on FFXV was worth the wait. It is majestic. Dawn theme is my favorite piece (I cry everytime ;_;). Please! Do all FF soundtracks from here on. <3

  5. Some fantastic game soundtracks on her resume but the one that will always be my favorite is Street Fighter II. Can listen to that soundtrack on a constant loop and never get tired of it.

  6. My god its the composer of scherzo di notte. I am glad she decided to work for game companies regardless of what what her parents though.

  7. Everyone's talking about Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy but her best work is actually Street Fighter 2. Ryu's theme is a masterpiece, as is Guile's theme.

  8. It's so crazy. Her music is so transcendent throughout the years. That's gotta go through her mind sometimes. I can go on sound cloud and listen to remixes from any her street fighter 2 themes

  9. I believe Yoko Shimomura is considered the highest regarded female game composer, even more so than other famed female composers like Michiru Yamane (Vampire Killer, Castlevania – Nocturne in the Moonlight, etc.).

  10. Totally annoying. Not only it was best to simply have subtitles, the translator uses third person? WTF? It is the fist time in my life I have seen such a nonsense.

  11. On the other hand… beautiful interview. All the FFXV epic moments are epic thanks to her music. As she said, music instilled in my memory. Thank you Shimomura.

  12. Man, just learning that she did the music sorta makes me wanna play this despite basically giving up on Final Fantasy after XIII. Street Fighter II and Live A Live have ridiculously great music.

  13. I also would have preferred subtitles, however I didn't think the translator did a bad job at all. I found her voice pleasant.

  14. Wow, she seems so lovely, relaxed and humble. Thankyou Ms Shimomura, your amazing talent has given me and my friends so many wonderful memories and nostalgia growing up 🙂 You are a true legend of the videogame industry.

  15. Say what you will about the imperfections of FFXV but the music of that game is phenomenal. Gosh, so much emotion even without lyrics, the pieces were so moving.

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