Mafia III – One Way Road Story Trailer

“It’s a one way road. Once you start down it, there ain’t no turning back.” Mafia III releases on October 7.

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  1. Greatness is Never appreciated in its own time. You folks will look back in 10 or 20 yrs and really revere this game for what it was . A great period piece, with a wonderful vibe and Remarkable story!!! It should have won something for that . Hands down!!!

  2. "This city survived the War of 1812, the Civil War, and God knows how many Hurricanes. But when Lincoln Clay went after the Mob, he inflicted more damage than all the wars and hurricanes combined."

    After a line like this, how could we have NOT been fooled into thinking this game was going to be epic?

  3. Honestly I understand the criticism of the game and as much as I loved 2 and hated how this isn’t a continuation of the story this is still a really good game with a fantastic soundtrack

  4. As disappointing as this game ended up being with all the repetitive mission structures and whatnot I still adore the aesthetic, atmosphere, and story.

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