Homefront: The Revolution – America Has Fallen Trailer

Homefront: The Revolution is set to unleash its alternate timeline on PS4, Xbox One, and PC next month.

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  1. its funny how simple it is..usa serve weapons to cartells and drugs get to usa with the power of us high tec weapons..its a simple and a never ending circle ..its just how the shit works

  2. HOW CAN U make america great again,,,,Just tell the fools what they need and want to belive and the power is yours if u got money to buy yourselfe a place in the white house.simple and repeating world we all live and lucky as we are,dies in,,,

  3. Can someone please tell me why I can see a frikin blimp in the background. Like if they have such good technology then why are they using Airships?

  4. There should be a Homefront game where you play as Japanese, South Korean, or Chinese to fight against North Korea occupation.

  5. Smh, everyone is bitching about how North Korea can't be a legit threat. Atleast it wasn't over-used Russia being the bad guys.

  6. At least in real life, the United States has the best economy, best military, and best technology(that technology part is debatable cuz Japan or South Korea might be ahead of us)

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