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Final Fantasy XV Director On Fan Feedback And The Series' 'Grave' Situation

Director Hajime Tabata speaks with Game Informer about the need to please fans with Final Fantasy XV, comparisions to Final Fantasy VI and VII, and his assesment on what the series neesds to do to avoid its “demise”.

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  1. The story and the characters in FFXV were weak as fk. There's little background story for both the main story and the characters.

    The game focus too much on those 4 dudes and alot on those silly sidequests (go here, do that, kill this, kill that, grab this item), shit, those godamn sidequests made me feel like I was playing Assassins Creed.

    During the game I felt like I was missing an important part of the story, like, what the hell is happening in Insomnia right now, what is Cor doing while we are doing some silly shit, why is that Ravus guy such a cunt…Aldercapt??? That mothafucka only appeared twice during the game…and he's the leader of the Empire that invaded Lucis.

    Ardyn was a really cool villain, had a cool background story, but it wasn't explored by the developers.

    The game could have been amazing storywise, the characters too, but instead they cut the story in 3, a CGI movie, an anime, and a game…and…pretty much fucked it all up.

    Shit, Nyx was way more interesting than that spoiled brat Noctis that needed 3 other dudes to babysit him.

  2. It's sad to see the hate that he's received when he's the one that got screwed. Putting him in charge having to finish in 3 years what an indecisive Namura couldn't do in 7. Tabata would've made an amazing game in 7 years.

  3. To me it sounded like square Enix spent way too much on graphics and completely forgot gameplay and story. I think its an ok game but it seems the production teams for the final fantasy VI to X were more understanding of the game they were creating. its like they just broke all the rules of story telling and tried to cover it up with fancy graphics. I feel they need to calm down and build the core of the game they are thinking purely of the shell and nothing else

  4. problem is, a lot of fans don't want to evolve with the ever changing and improving gameplay and style of adaption that is 'final fantasy', when you think ff, you think 7 onwards till 12.

    15 wasn't perfect, BUT, i have never truly been this engaged in battles, this amazed at monster, bosses and overall characterisation. The story had so much of its potential left out, but regardless, the game is definitely worth anyones time, whether you're a fan of the series or not.

  5. I really thought this interview was a sign that things were going to get better…
    Could've fooled the hell out of me. So glad I was skeptical and waited.
    Ripped content out of the game to milk a movie and multiple DLCs. The story is half-baked with even worse characters. Combat is a complete mess even by HacknSlash standards.

  6. I don't think people base their expectations based on their favorite Final Fantasy, at least not in general. FFVII is my favorite, but I have total respect and admiration for FF 4, 6, and 9. To say that FF failing as a brand is a result of fans comparing all of them to VI or VII is bullshit, it's because Square Enix doubles down on graphics presentation rather than creativity and story telling. It also doesn't help that the english voice acting for Square Enix FF's are fucking awful compared to triple AAA Western games like The Last of Us, Dead Space 1 & 2, Bioshock franchise… etc….

    They need to start putting money in area's of the game that matter, and not JUST graphics….

  7. hu d hell says its a disappointment….ill KIll you……the best Game ever…. have u ever shed a tear on a game?it wasnt even a game…its an Experience! thank u Square Enix. Best Game in PS4, best Game of the 2011-2020 decade ever!! 100/10 for me. idk about u guys !

  8. Been playing FFXV for about 100 hours now and really loving it (I'm pretty sure it's my first FF, which is weird as I was a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts).

    What I do always find so odd, is the people who say that something like FFVII or the older games are the best in the series (now again, I'm pretty sure I never played them as a kid), but it always seems so unbeliavable. I guess a series I grew up with like MGS works better for me. I don't know if there are people who think Metal Gear 1/2 are the best in the series, but even MGS1 (which is one of my favourite games of all time) is by far inferior to the other games in the series in my opinion.
    Maybe modern FF has become more different than modern MGS from the old games, which is why people can still prefer the older games? IDK

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