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Exclusive Gameplay Of Final Fantasy XV's Opening Chapter

Game Informer interviews Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata as he reveals the sructure of the game’s opening chapter.

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  1. Soooooooo… replace the black with pink and the boys with Barbies and you get the most talked about game of the foreseeable future.

  2. The resort is modeled after a resort in Pangkor Island in Malaysia. If you google Pulau Pangkor, you can find photos of the actual structure that looks like the resort at 4:00 of this video.

  3. Love this gameplay, already despise the characters and their interactions with eachother. Also Sidney/Cidney is a straight up S L U T. Why can't square write characters that aren't douchey????? I don't get it. Just have the interactions be a bit more believable, and not so hokey… Still love the environment and the world. Hopefully the actual game has better dialogue then the Duscae demo… I won't hold my breath

  4. I'm totally fine with having an all male crew, but they'd never do that with a ff main game with girls in my opinion,,,don't say 10-2 bc alot of us know it wasn't a good game, along with being a side game

  5. "We have the story first, and then create as much as freedom as we can give the player within that story."

    Thank you Square Enix. If Metal Gear Solid 5 had implemented this idea, maybe I'd have liked it more. I feel linear RPGs have better stories, and nonlinear/open-world RPGs have better gameplay. If I had to choose which I'd take though, it'd definitely be better story. This game seems to reconcile both nicely. ^_^

  6. I really do hope that Noctis grows. Most of the footage they have shown makes me think of him as almost a vanilla character with the hints at what could be an amazing character. They are trying to share backstory with out really sharing the things that happen lol. I think though if they set up a meaningful backstory and have Noctis develope more as a character as the game progresses to become kind of a badass I think it will really bring more to this game! Hyped no matter what!

  7. Are there gonna be other drivers while I'm driving? I don't want to feel like me and my compadres are the only people that travel by car

  8. At 1:43 Is she implying that she does or doesn't believe that they'll have relationships?! Did you hear the way she exclaimed  male? 1. I don't see any problem with that, but I feel like if square did do that, that their ratings will drop with people who don't support THAT kind of thing… 2. I don't fully get what she's implying xD She says, and I quote. "I myself don't think that they would be best buddies or nothing would occur throughout their trip among four MALE friends." What does this eve mean?! Does  she mean she thinks something… more… would happen?! I'm so confused! Halp I need an adult!

  9. not sure if it's me.. but these graphics look sucky. the whole clothes psyhics is very nice. it's not all stuck like other games… but u just run through the bushes and not even push em down.

  10. Why is the main party four men? Man couldn't they have put a little girl in there? Well, okay that would break the game, probably like a girl…..some type of girl….but it's fine though. It's Final Fantasy so I am not going to complain about a new title after that.

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