Dark Souls III – Kingdom Fall Trailer

Check out the Kingdom Fall trailer for Dark Souls 3.

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  1. Still one of my favourite games out there. From the environments to the combat and the lore behind it, this truly is a masterpiece. PRAISE THE SUN!

  2. Beat the game three times already, love it, still come back to watch this video every so often since the music fits perfectly and after each time I watch it, I still get the shivers.

  3. It's just sad how far everythings come since the 1st game yet this world is still full of heartbreak and homelessness. It's just a damn shame that the world is stuck in that cycle of igniting the first flame and – SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT YET BEATEN THE GAME!!! –

    No matter what you do, the ending of the game, at least the "good" ending has you continuing the cycle. It's just… sad I guess.

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