Dark Souls III – Ash Seeketh Embers Launch Trailer

The day is finally here, Dark Souls III is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. We still need a Dark Souls version of the whole song with extra bass and sound effects. it sounds sooooo goood with the additional sounds. so epic it brings up tears

  2. Accidentally stumbling upon this trailer is what made me buy this game. It looked so beautiful and ominous I bought the design works for it years before playing it. The art was amazing .

    Then I got my ps4 right as remastered came out and decided I'd do the franchise justice by playing it in order.

    Months and multiple souls games later this game is FAR from a disappointment. Usually trailers tend to hype me up for something that really isn't as good as the trailer. Dark Souls 3 is better than what this trailer hyped me for. I've enjoyed every moment of every souls game and it is an amazing finale to this franchise. It is beautiful with wonderful thematic elements and I can immerse myself for hours in the world it's built. There really is nothing else like this. The souls games have really become my favorite franchise.

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