What Do You Actually Do in No Man's Sky?

With a June 21 release announced, Alexa Ray Corriea offers some much-anticipated details concerning No Man’s Sky. Like…what you actually do in the game. Watch for details on how you might make it to the center of this cryptic universe.

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  1. The ending of the game is finding the Center
    And at the centre is this artificial intelligence which supposedly created the universe
    After that you restart the game!

  2. I seriously doubt you had actual motion sickness from only one sensory organ I eat your eyes normally your inner ear has to be involved but in either case if the game has a field of view adjustmentyou should widen it out so you get a bigger field of view it might affect your performance a little but it'll change how your eyes process the picture.

  3. I would love for someone to answer 1 simple question. What is the point of No Man’s Sky. I’ve been flying around visiting planets and I’m bored to death! Really, I have no idea what the point of this game is.

  4. Yes but what the fuck do you doing it except fly around and gather resources I mean if you can’t go out and find other players and kill them or raid their house out there rob whatever their settlements then what the fuck do you do in this game it’s like a survival game with no end game at all

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