Unreal Engine Sizzle Real Tech Demo – GDC 2016

Check out this sizzle reel for Unreal Engine shown at GDC 2016.

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  1. woW! look at these current and upcoming games with shiny graphics!!:D meanwhile I'm stuck here playing New Vegas and Skyrim (of course both are awesome games) 😀 haha

  2. wtf what's so good about this I was expecting something amazing we have graphics like this already .we need photorealism already things just don't look real enough in games yet.

  3. so i tried to look for every single android/ios game mentioned in this video and I couldn't find a single one…

  4. Came from unity 5.4 demo, in my opinion Unreal has better particles, but Unity better materials. Please reply AFTER watching the unity demo.

  5. I've noticed unreal engine performs better under DX11 but damn, they are terrible at scaling resolution especially on triple monitor display.

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