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The Changing Gameplay of Gears of War 4

The Coalition’s lead campign designer Matt Searcy and studio head Rod Fergusson talk about how the new game feels and plays compared to the previous games.

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  1. 3:55 and 4:104:15 are the greatest words I could have ever heard. It's almost like they woke up and realized "oh shit….GoW2 and GoW3 were pretty shit compared to GoW1 huh? Maybe we should go back to our roots?" Thank Christ.

  2. Though I know it's probably due to sheer weight of player and gear (no pun intended) but I wish there was a way to jump. Jumping was the only thing missing and though you get over it quickly, adding a jump would be cool.

  3. I kind of am looking forward to seeing this new enemy the swarm I want to know what their backstory and why the hell they pop up cause these guy look nothing like Locust

  4. They understand what ppl wants is gears of war but Call of duty those idiots made it halo not cod anymore thanks gears of war for not fucking up like cod

  5. I'm really hoping that the final game will actually look like these screen shots because they look amazing. It's really gonna suck if the game releases and looks like the beta.

  6. I agree I like a game with a mystery atmosphere I mean it's a start of a new gears game I remember playing number one being like whoa want to see where the locust are coming from I'm glad they are doing this makes me happy 🙂 plus new game mechanics look nice so does the animation that's with them the vault kick looks more realistic rather than you just pressing a to jump over and chainsaw and the yank and shank awesome can't wait til the 7th can come anytime sooner

  7. im sry but im already bored of gears 4 same thing nothings changed as a matter of fact its a mash up of the first 3 games nothing to drive you forward and if you have no one to play with it gets boring quick that and no one uses game chat so ya the golden days of xbox are dead which was halo 3 modern warfare gears 2 gears 3 halo reach and all those old classics that i use to love i just can't understand this sudden change in the community with ppl using party chat only

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