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The Actors Behind Gears Of War 4 (Exclusive Interview)

Game Informer interviews actors Liam McIntyre, Laura Bailey, and Eugene Byrd about their exciting roles in Gears of War 4 and how the three of them are helping to bring the next generation of Gears to life.

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  1. JD should have looked more like the voice actor the character design for him annoyed me because of his "everything will be cool so let's go." 😊 look. Dell design was ok but after seeing the artist rendition they should have kept that look but I will admit I liked everyone else especially Kate I hope she'll continue being the main protagonist.
    I'm interested to know
    who did everyone else save at the end?

  2. While I didn't hate Gears 5, I can't forgive how badly they fucked over these characters and their stories. Gears 4 was new, exciting, and these three had amazing chemistry. Gears 5 was like "fuck that", and not only splits them up, but fucking KILLS one of them. (Depending on who you chose) Like, where the fuck did things go wrong?

  3. I really hate how the Coalition killed off one of those two actors(I know they'll still use the dead one for multiplayer, I'm talking more about the campaign of Gears 6)

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