Stardew Valley Will Make You A Happier Person

Mary walks us through the simple joys of Stardew Valley. Detailing how much there is to like about the farming simulation rpg.

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  1. Who are you? magic, goregeous, game liking Woman? I'm honestly just happy that females like you exist on earth, apparently. I might not have to marry a robot one day!!!! 😉 Stardew Valley does make you happy because it brings you into the now much like the zen of gardening or homey type interactions can do in real life! Please message me back so we can plan our wedding a.s.a.p. lol 😉

  2. This made me feel so nostalgic and reminded me of my very first game and how it was all new. Thank you so much for this

  3. love this vid so much, haven't even played the game (just bought it). reviews are mostly worthless to me nowadays so i would love for more gaming channels to do stuff like this

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