Players are Baiting Players in The Division's Dark Zone – The Lobby

Erick shares a recent rogue baiting experience and the crew talks social engineering in the Dark Zone.

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  1. when you are above 50 and got some Money the rouge thing is amazing when you roll in a group of 4,those firefights between groups of 4 is a thrill and fun, but you loose a bunch of money,but you usually

  2. If you want the game to cater to your fair play needs stay out of the dark zone because exploits aren't a big beal in the game now it will take a week to get lvl 30 and once we get actual the game which it basically when all the dlc is released then complain you died because you got bullied by three guys in the zone it's called "The Dark Zone" for a reason it's not just a nice name and what did you expect sunshine and rainbows so welcome to the jungle ladies

  3. i got burned out on the amount of grinding needed to get strong enough to damage players enough so i can be a solo rogue ambusher like id invisioned. i hated the feeling of crazy grinding just to empty my clip into two extremely low health agents and theyre health didnt move turned around n oneshot me lol i gave up there just wanted a lonewolf adventures experience but thats 2 much to ask

  4. Baiting problem? people can shoot you 1-2 times and thats it, if you're dumb enough to shoot back and go rouge you are the dumbass.

  5. I want groups to stay rogue as a whole because if three guys are rogue and the fourth isn't the fourth will get in the way to make the people who are trying to kill the rogues go rogue. and can't you keep eight friends from massing and killing all 4 man or less teams?

  6. They need to make a separate area for people to go rogue in… cause the DZ is the best place to get High End gear and the idiots in there right now take all the fun out of it.
    Just create 2 different Dark Zones… one for PVP & one for PVE running… its a simple solution.

  7. Lol so many people whining. The dark zone is just fine, one of the funnest modes I've ever played. I love hunting rogue players, and if someone baits me I just kill them then run around till my timer dissapears lol

  8. I must be the unluckiest fuck ever.

    every time I go into the DZ there are people baiting me and there are people who will just outright shoot me to take whatever I have, which is typically just fodder for high end crafting.

  9. its funny hideing at a LZ seeing 8 people run up annd call for evac then when they go to dump there items to flash remote boom it and see the people totally over react and start shooting makeing them go rogue tho lol.

  10. they definitely need to patch trolls walking into your line of fire to get you to go rogue that happened to me several times. Or take out PvP all together and make it pve on dz

  11. Last weekend sucked. Seems there's a double hp revive and hp glitch with a gear trait. It was rough. I knew I was downing people but was getting wrecked. Later came in room my buddy was in to find his friends doing it. They didn't like me calling them out. So after that I realize why there were so many groups of rouges. Hopefully they fix asap. I been the jerk to stellar in front of people. You can tell when people wanna do it so I just run them to bad guys and wait for them to have to start shooting the bat and clubbers. Then run over by the bat guys to get punched. Won't do it to solo players but if a group is trying it to us I'll be sure they go rouge first.

  12. This game is completely unbalenced even single player. Why are there lvl 22 overpowerd guys in a lvl 15-16 area? So fucking dumb I have to run halfway across the map to beat 1 guy that is bullshit

  13. And now they've fixed the rogue balance, ganking and griefing are rampant. Unless you're rocking up with a bare minimum of four geared players you can forget about surviving any PvP encounters with your loot and xp intact. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't force you to grind 50 dark zone levels to get the best gear.

  14. I took down a squad of baiters that'd been chasing me around for 10/15 mins. They accidentally went rogue when fighting npcs with other people. Let's just say they didn't live for long afterwards

  15. Some complex algorithm taking into account things like how many bullets fired recently (ie, was already firing before hitting the friendly) and how many of those bullets landed on an NPC/rogue, versus how many bullets hit the friendly (ie, you have not simply changed from shooting a rogue to shooting a friendly).

  16. I helped a couple people out in the dark zone. when we got to the extraction area they turned on me thought it was BS but i got em back luckily

  17. So glad they fixed risk vs reward. However last night 2 guys kept running into our sticky bombs and mine explosions to flag us. Then we kept letting time count down, however they were a lead team. We flagged again from them pulling this crap and we decided no more sticky/mines. So as we are counting down to 0 their buddies (about 7 guys show up) and shoot 1 of us right as timer was going from 1 to 0 and it flagged those groups for rogue and now we were clean. So they went for it, too bad for them we have a properly matched up team with skill spec, tank and two high dps. We wiped the floor with 6 of them (by the end of it). Then I die to a dumb ass mob spawn behind me who flame grenades me and my dps bud. Thankfully end result was us 9, them 2 (really mobs got us from behind but eh). We got our stuff and they had no loot just keys, credits. But now we had some Dark Zone keys again, hurray, lol

  18. why not just make 2 more DZ factions, rouge and loyal. You enter the DZ and have to choose a faction that you are part of. if you wanna change teams hit up a DZ vendor and for a price you can switch sides

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