Hitman – Review of The Stealthy Strategy Shooter

Peter Brown reviews Hitman, a stealthy puzzle-solving game with some AI shortcomings.

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  1. Love how people always have something to whine about… There is nothing wrong with this game IMO. And i don't get why people whine about the episodes. Don't you see that they can tune and tweak certain aspects of the game while making the new episodes and to top it off it stops you from rushing the whole game in like a week and then never play it again.

  2. The game was challenging at the beginning but as soon as you understand the mechanics it was pretty easy and boring. The paris episode was dull, once I got the bodyguard suit, I had access to the entire building. Its kinna pathetic for a game that you have to see Dahlia 3 times to complete challenges…. 3 TIMES!!!! you meet her as agent 47, Sikh, and Helmut before killing her. I understand that you can take whatever route to kill her but how are you going to complete the challenges. Sure you can peel an apple 100 different times but are you going to peel and re-peel the apple 100x? They took the same route as MGSV, Replay same mission 100x!! The only difference is that MGSV had better animation, mechanics, stealth, AI…. better everything. I give this 4/10… Is it worth buying? No. Watch gameplay videos online and thats pretty much it, you aint missing on anything.

  3. It's pretty much the same as Hitman games were 10 years ago. Plays the same as the old games,with some additions,obviously. Just better graphics.

  4. Dam the A.I sucks in this Hitman game its to easy! Older Hitman games including the disliked Absolution AI were more on to your ass.

  5. Now i know why games get cracked.. I've been a hitman fan for over 12 years, and pretty much sum this game to be the worst of its king. Disgraceful

  6. I'm so sick of getting excited for a new game on new gen tech from a beloved franchise only to findit's a massive disappointment.

  7. These last two hitman games lost their edge and attention to detail is what made the game so great I'll get this but once it's 20 bucks or less

  8. Just played the first episode. Excellent game BUT SHORT SHORT SHORT!!! Paris finished in 45 min. All thats left is redoing the same level over and over and over in different outfits.

    Good Level design, good ambiance, awfully short short short. Feels more like a Demo then a full game.

  9. Every one of the Hitman titles were great, this game had very good potential but it got very bad reviews because of DENUVO. Game development companies need to learn that ratings/reviews is far more important than sales.

    Denuvo games that flopped:

    Tom Clancy: The Division
    Hitman 2016
    FarCry Primal
    Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

    Much more to come Q3 ~ Q4 2016~

  10. terrible AI, no interactions with npc's not even small ones, like when you talk to that man in the opera place in blood money to get the gun from the coat. just small things make it feel more immersive. it'd be nice if you could for example talk to some people in the party to perhaps get an understanding of the layout of the map, or where certain targets hang around, instead of having some x-ray eagle eye assassins creed bullshit where the targets just highlight up on your screen and map, making you use your brain rather then this "YOU CAN SEE THROUGH WALLS AND INSTANTLY KNOW WHERE ALL THE GUARDS ARE, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT USING ACTUAL SKILL TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN THIS MISSION, WE'LL HIGHLIGHT OBJECTS OF INTEREST AND WE'LL HOLD YOUR HAND THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE GAME SHOWING YOU WHERE EVERYTHING IS!" Fuck modern stealth games, most are going to shit…

  11. The game was good but it's missing
    -Jasper kyd
    -1st person mode
    -the in game voice acting needs work especially when 47 is in other counties and people are speaking English that was pure laziness of the developers.
    -weapons customization would be nice PS I miss my silver ballers and suit case sniper rifle I can't believe they forgot that smh

  12. I will waith for the full realise of the game!I hate this shit ass episodic shit!I am gona go and play now some of my favorite classic hitman games!

  13. You know, Gamespot, instead of focusing on the incredibly good parts of this game, you decide to show video of some of the minor low points. Good reviewing, there.

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