Black Desert Online – Launch Trailer

Checkout the launch trailer for Black Desert Online.

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  1. hey guys there's soo many questions that i need answer
    1. this game is F2P?
    2. spec?
    3. this game is already out isnt (in the old version) then why they making a new one ? (there's nothing different)
    4. what should i buy computer or laptop?

  2. You're a fan of japanese' anime ? You're looking for a MMO Sandbox ? or just a MMO where there is conquest and PVP ?
    or a RP fan ?
    This game is really for you.

  3. I have a free guest pass to give away since me, my cousins and friends already have the game. Only things I ask is to have a good gaming pc like sandbox games and not a hardcore gamer who judge games negatively fast and give up and finally have alot of spare time, like vacation or you simply have alot of time in your hands since you will need it 🙂

  4. This game is amazing, but the start of it is a real turn off to people. They think all you do is grind mobs because of the black spirit. The game doesn't bother to explain everything you are able to do in it.

  5. freaking everytime I watch this trailer it makes me want to go kill a millions monsters BECAUSE ITS FSO FUCIKIGN GOOD OMDFG I LOVE THIS GAMES

  6. Please let this come to ps4 dragon dogma failed us and kept there online for Japan this needs to be on ps4 we will all be so happy I 😄😃😀 I heard it is doing hype 😄😃😀

  7. This is one of those games that I've never even played but I just know that it's gonna be one of my favorite games of all time. Please come to PS4 soon. Thankfully, TERA is coming to PS4 first so at least I can play that while waiting for BDO ^^

  8. I would very much, as someone who's been playing this game since 2018, like to know where and when that awesome battlefield charge scene at 1:50 is in the game. I have been playing 3 years, I have beaten many of the quests, and I have yet to find it. I think they fooled us a bit. 🙁

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