Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Orks Trailer

Check out the Orks trailer for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

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  1. "Fifteen Orks on a dead man’s hulk,

    Lookin’ down the barrel of a gun,

    Gruntin’ to each other

    through big, sharp teeth,

    Sayin’ “This one’ll give us some fun”

    Fourteen Orks on a humie’s ship,

    Killin’ anything that isn’t green,

    Gruntin’ to each other

    through big, sharp teeth,

    Sayin’ “Times be getting’ lean”

    Thirteen Orks with the Captain’s chest,

    Hopin’ to quench their greedy thirst,

    Gruntin’ to each other

    through big, sharp teeth

    Sayin’ “I was da wun dat saw it first”

    One lone Ork left to steal the loot,

    Wishin’ it hadn’t turned out so,

    Gruntin’ to itself

    through big, sharp teeth

    Sayin’ “I shoulda let the pilot go”

    – Traditional shipmens’ song from the Cyclops Cluster"

  2. Well, I may be a Blood Angel Fanboy, but god damn do these Orkz know how to have FUN!
    Tactics? What’s that!
    Maneuvers? Never heard of it!

  3. Ork technology is just very funny they can put random crap together and if they want it to be gun its a gun, if its a rocket launcher then it will be a rocket launcher. It just pure mind over matter but not in the way we think it is.

  4. 0:27 I love the ship stearing wheel.

    Mostly because it might not do anything at all. It's just a random piece of scrap a ork can turn on and feel in charge. 😀

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